№4 (08), 2019

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№4, 2019

Published: 30.12.2019
Table of contents №4 (08), 2019
 PDF PASHKEVYCH K.L., KHURANA K., KOLOSNICHENKO O.V., KROTOVA T.F., VEKLICH A.M. Modern directions of eco-design in the fashion industry 9
 PDF GERASYMENKO O. D., PASHKEVYCH K. L., OMELCHENKO G.V., ZAGRIYCHUK B. P., KOLOSNICHENKO М. V. Artistic and composition features of children’s costume in the high fashion collections in the 20th and early 21st century 21
 PDF ZASORNOVA I.O., KRASNIUK L.V., ZHURAVLYOVA Kh. O. Designing of female ensemble in the military style 34
 PDF KOZAKEVYCH O.R. The Jews centers of manufactures of textile in Galicia at the end of ХІХ – the first third of ХХ century: trends, assortment 46
 PDF MYKHAILOVA R.D, PLYSIUK I.O. Ukrainian ethnic elements in the design of a modern hotel interior: origins and features 58
 PDF NAVOLSKA L.V. Historiographic aspects of men’s apparel design evolution 68
 PDF PASHKEVYCH K.L., YEZHOVA O.V., KROTOVA T.F., KREDENETS N.D., LIU JIANGXIN, FESYUK I.Ya. Design-projection of modern dresses with finishing, considering the properties of fabrics 79
 PDF POLIETAIEVA H.N. Stages of development of artistically-expressive components of computer games 91
 PDF POLIAKOVA O. V., KYSIL S.S., BULGAKOVA T.V., PIVNITSKA Y. V. IT-industry’s office interior design evolution 99
 PDF RUBANKA M.M., OSTAPENKO N.V., RUBANKA A.I. The peculiarities of use of modern programs in the design-projecting of jewelry 109
 PDF SHMELIOVA O.YE., SAFRONOVA O.O., BULGAKOVA T.V., SYNYTSKA M.O. Peculiarities of design of modern coworking spaces depending on their functional purpose 119
 PDF PRIKHODKO-KONONENKO I.O., VYNNYCHUK M.S., VASILYEVA O.S., PRISTAV T.V., MASLIKOVA M.I. Artistic and compositional elements of a North America people`s costume as a creative source for the development of a clothes collection 132
 PDF GRYSHCHENKO I.M., OSTAPENKO N.V., PASHKEVYCH K.L. Kolosnichenko Maryna. To the celebration of the 60th Anniversary of birth 144