№2 (06), 2019

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Published : 28.06.2019
Table of contents №2 (06), 2019
PDF GRYSHCHENKO I. M., KOLOSNICHENKO M. V., PASHKEVYCH K. L. Design of the fur garments in the context of artistic and compositional shaping 9
PDF VASYLIEVA O. S. The design of school uniform in the context of transformative shaping 22
PDF ARTEMENKO M. P. Cosplay as recreational and tourist event in Ukraine 34
PDF BEZUGLA R. Glamor in the context of classical aesthetic categories and paracategories of nonclassical aesthetics 42
PDF HOLOVCHANSKA Ye. O. Stylistic characteristics and description of artistic composition blouses 1950-1960s 52
PDF KOLISNYK A. V., PONOMAROVA N.S. Murals as a way of social communication. Comparison of the world experience 62
PDF KOLOSNICHENKO M. V., PSHINKA N. M., PASHKEVYCH K. L, OSTAPENKO N. V. Author prints in the design of neckwear 74
PDF KREDENETS N. D., SEMKO A. O. SHPYRALO-ZAPOTOCHNA L. R. The imaginative thinking in the structure of native design education 87
PDF KROTEVICH A. V. The importance of graphic images in traditional Japanese tattoos 97
PDF KUZNETSOVA І. О. Fine art as a source of the fashion system 104
PDF LAI YUEGE Image and symbol of a flowering wood in art of China and Europe 111
PDF MYKHAJLUK O. Yu., OSTAPENKO N. V., LUTSKER T. V. Approach to design of factorial solutions of women’s clothes 123
PDF RESHETNOVA H. Meissen porcelain in Ukrainian collections. Terminology and period breakdown issues 134
PDF SPASSKOVA O. P. Creativity of Viktor Efimenko in the context of the development of Ukrainian book graphics (the last third of the twentieth century) 144